I’m Tina, a Product-Minded Software Engineer based in Cape Town Ireland The Netherlands.

I’ve often found myself working at the intersection of multiple disciplines within the digital ecosystem, including product engineering, product management, user research, data analytics and design. Combined with innate leadership qualities and a keen interest in human behaviour and business operations, this has enabled me to build a diverse skillset and a thorough understanding of the ecosystem as a whole.

I love building things and have been tinkering on the web for [checks notes in disbelief] 15+ years now. I originally studied Graphic Design and Art Direction at a Creative Business School in Cape Town, but eventually returned to university part-time and completed a BSc (Hons) in Computing. My dissertation was on utilising modern, browser-based machine learning technologies for data-driven cognitive accessibility research.

I enjoy working with web development frameworks and building accessible, scalable and maintainable user interfaces. I love CSS and believe it to be one of the most powerful and undervalued languages in the field.

My philosophy of continuous learning is best summarised by former colleagues of mine:


Tina’s ability to analyse and interrogate stem from her natural curiosity, keeping those around her honest, and helping to uncover problems that others would spot much later. She’s a perpetual learner, and at her happiest expanding her knowledge of technology and human behaviour.


When “unplugged”, I enjoy exploring new countries, cuisines and cultures and spending time outdoors with my little family. Functional training and running keeps me centered — I’m an avid member of the Parkrun community. Cultivating a community-centric lifestyle and surrounding myself with a diverse range of kind-hearted people, preferably smarter than me, are general “rules” I aim to live by.